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Expect Miracles Foundation and The Samfund merged in 2019. Previous to the merger, The Samfund was the first and largest nonprofit in the country providing direct financial assistance to young adult cancer survivors. Expect Miracles Foundation’s Director of Stewardship, Sam Watson, created The Samfund in 2003. After surviving cancer twice and having a bone marrow transplant in her mid-twenties, Sam saw how little support there was for young adults who were struggling once treatment ended. As she quickly came to learn, cancer isn’t free.

Now, Samfund programs are a central part of Expect Miracles Foundation’s mission. As one organization, we are proud to help more young adults overcome the financial toxicity caused by a cancer diagnosis through providing both financial and emotional support.

Financial Assistance

Young adults are arguably the most underserved and vulnerable segment of the cancer community. With so few resources dedicated just to this age group, young adults face profound financial challenges after treatment. Samfund grants provide a life-line for young adults who are struggling with living expenses. Grants average $1,500 and provide help with:
- rent and mortgage
- car payments
- family building (adoption, fertility storage, IVF, & surrogacy)
- and more

Emotional Support

In addition to financial assistance, we also offer online support, education, and advocacy, Dedicated staff members offer direct email and phone support and provide critical resources to any survivor in need. Through our Facebook community, we offer a platform for young adult cancer survivors across the country to connect. 


Our Partnerships 

We are excited to partner with Stage—a new shopping destination for breast cancer patients

Finally, there’s a one-stop shop for patients, survivors, fighters and their supporters. A wellness marketplace for women with breast cancer and their networks, Stage will help women discover a curated selection of products that improve the journey, as well as insightful content that offers support and sisterhood. Stage also donates a percentage of net proceeds to Samfund programs, helping you to make a difference every time you shop.



Expect Miracles Foundation has partnered with Bridges to Wealth at the Netter Center for Community Partnerships at the University of Pennsylvania. Together, we have uniquely tailored Bridges to Wealth’s signature financial literacy program—designed primarily to close the wealth gap by teaching financial literacy skills to high school students and their parents/guardians—to aid young adult survivors as they navigate the financial aftermath of  cancer. 


We have partnered with Dollar For, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping eligible patients through their Debt Forgiveness Program. Entirely free of cost, this program is an opportunity for cancer patients + survivors to see if they are eligible for medical debt reduction services

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