Fall 2021 Named Grant Recipients


At Expect Miracles Foundation, we know that the cancer community deserves not only a brighter future, full of enhanced detection and treatment, but a better today as well. Our Samfund grants, which help with rent, mortgages, and even weekly grocery bills, serve to remind young adult survivors that they are not alone—we are with them today, and every day. 


Over the years, with support from specific partners and donors, we have established several named grants. Our team awards these to a few select recipients each year. 


Fall 2021 Awards & Recipients

Lauren Wollenberg Award


About this Award: Lauren Wollenberg was a Samfund alum who volunteered at every event and always jumped at the chance to help fundraise for Samfund grants. She was an integral part of our Samfund family, always showing up with a smile and finding opportunities to help. Together with her family, we established this grant to honor her memory after she passed away in 2015. 


Fall 2021 Recipient


Daniel E. is a 30-year-old lymphoma survivor from IL. He was diagnosed recently at age 29, and is still suffering physical aftereffects, like muscle atrophy, from his treatment and diagnosis. As the sole breadwinner for his family, his cancer diagnosis put tremendous strain on his finances. This grant will help Daniel and his family with housing expenses and help to keep a roof over their heads while Daniel recovers and works towards supporting them.


Jeremy Hill Memorial Award


About this Award: This award is given in honor of Jeremy Hill, a Samfund Board member and longtime supporter. After Jeremy's passing in 2012, his friends, colleagues and family members provided enough funds to award a few grants annually to survivors of a melanoma diagnosis or those located in the greater NYC area Jeremy's family is involved in our selection process for this award each year.


Fall 2021 Recipients


Fannie S. is a 38-year-old Hodgkin's lymphoma survivor from NY. She was first diagnosed at age 35. Fannie's household has experienced a significant loss of income as her fiancé, the sole provider (Fannie stays at home caring for their two young children), was furloughed due to COVID at the beginning of 2020. Fannie mentions owing back rent, overdrawing their bank accounts, and only paying the bills they can each month. This grant will help pay for groceries so she and her husband can focus on paying their other bills.


Samantha T. is a 27-year-old Hodgkin's lymphoma survivor from NY. She was first diagnosed at age 22. Samantha's hours working were reduced due to COVID, and she was simultaneously hospitalized for multiple gum infections while paying off cancer-related bills. The grant will help pay for two months of rent, which will allow her extra funds to pay for her much needed dental procedures. 


Alex S. is a 31-year-old three-time cancer survivor from RI. He was first diagnosed with colorectal cancer at age 19, then melanoma at age 24, and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma at age 29. Alex also became sick with COVID in the summer of 2020, and his wife simultaneously suffered health complications related to COVID and was hospitalized. These hardships have set Alex back financially. Now, with Alex’s wife expecting a baby, this grant will aid with his mortgage, and will provide Alex and his family some well-deserved breathing room.


William Stutzel and Carole Knopf Stutzel Memorial Award


About the Award: The William Stutzel and Carole Knopf Stutzel Memorial Award honors Dr. Stutzel, a donor who established this award in memory of his late wife, who survived breast cancer as a young adult. When he passed away, the award was established in both of their names. One or two recipients are selected annually, who are in the education field or are pursuing education themselves.


Fall 2021 Recipients


Amelia C. is a 36-year-old breast cancer survivor from WI. Amelia was first diagnosed at age 28 when she was uninsured, and has been struggling with the costs of her treatment ever since. While going through treatment, Amelia recognized a need in the cancer community for more yoga teachers who knew who to serve the cancer population. Since then, Amelia has been teaching for nearly 7 years, continually training and studying to grow her professional practice. She is being given this grant to aid her in her certificate program which will allow her to expand her practice and to continue serving cancer survivors like herself.


Jenny L. is a 39-year-old breast cancer survivor from CA. She was first diagnosed with breast cancer at age 35. Due to residual exhaustion, long-term brain damage, and peripheral neuropathy, Jenny has been unable to return to work as a teacher and has suffered financially. Additionally, she and her husband are facing both devastating grief and unexpected funerary costs after their infant daughter passed away. This grant will help to cover two months of her rent so she and her husband can focus on other expenses, and reduce their stress.

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